What Democracy? Small Booklet w/bookcover


What Democracy? is historically educational. Not just as a textbook, but as reading for the understanding as to why and how this country became what it became with the signing of the Declaration of Independence and the adoption of the constitution. The booklet shows the natural movement of a republic and why the proponents of a democracy would work to undermine the United States Constitution. The booklet also demonstrates why socialism is so disruptive to a republic and in what direction socialism will normally move.

A good read for most everyone, as there is an education, which we are lacking in this country. Even those who think they understand the difference between a republic and a democracy well be surprised how little they understood about the issue.

This issue as of being a republic is one of the most critical issues facing this nation today. As we see with the confirmation hearings a number of Senators believe this is supposed to be a democracy so they expect the canadate to be amoral and they are disturbed when they find they are moral, thereby filling the position of a representative of a republic.



What Democracy? The small booklet has the same content as the downloadable pdf, that is featured on our home page. This version is a more printable format in order to bring the printing cost down.  It is printed on the 8.5X11 paper but is folded in half with print on both sides. It runs 36 pages long with 6X8.5 size pages. Print size is a good readable size but the cover is a little smaller print size to make it fit the page.


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