What Democracy?

This article has been the subject of my energies for some twenty years and finally ended up as this article over ten years ago.  The subject became a pet peeve since taking an American Government class in college which had as one of the text books “Essay’s on American Democracy”.  The title of the book is one of the problems because this is to be a Republic but the professor never once mentioned that.   The text book was correct in that it explained why a democracy can not work.  Having already learned what a democracy was and its failures while in early high-school it was troubling that the text book was basically teaching a disrespect for our country.  And this being during the Vietnam war when patriotism came hard for many college students.

This article has potential to help people realize what the problem is with our political system and opens a way for them to work at restoring our Republic.  I invite you to share it and the related information.

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