Democracy and Socialism are Siamese Twins

web_thumbnail.jpgHow can it be that a political system is not only related to but directly connected to a political-financial system? It is much the same as Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde who were not only related but one and the same person.  Democracy is the soft spoken, well-dressed side of this joined pair who prepares the way for the controlling, bully, Socialism which takes over industry in the name of the people (Democracy).

As we have seen in previous articles, a Democracy requires amoral men for its Representatives because a moral man will not give the majority what they want if it goes against morals.  So a Democracy moves towards Socialism because the majority have demonstrated by their election of amoral men, that they stand for Democratic ideas which do not safeguard individual rights as opposed to the rule of law in a Republic.  As a result the elected officials have no problems taking from the few to give to the many as that buys more votes.  And after all isn’t it the elected officials duty in a Democracy to do as the majority wants?

As a result Mr. Democracy prepares the way and promotes his Siamese twin, Mr. Socialism.  Eventually Mr. Socialism the controlling bully takes control and sits on Mr. Democracy while installing someone else in control who is more directly supportive of Mr. Socialism.

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