It’s Back to Basics

One looks at the world around and sees such turmoil and confusion.  Those people and organizations we had put our trust in are falling by the wayside or are in great confusion.  Corporations which have been like Uncle Joe or even like Uncle Sam are in deep financial trouble .  Friends and neighbors are having trouble keeping their jobs, homes, cars, family, even the dog and cat.

To some, these events have been expected for quite some time because “a house built on sand cannot stand.”  To most, it is distressing even though they may have expected it.  Many assumed that since the Reagan administration was able to avert a depression during the 80’s with “disinflation,” the same thing could be done today and that it would only take a little time of pain to straighten things out.  But today we have a different scene with different people and a different agenda.

Most organizations and most people go through stages and cycles.  There are few who can chart a course and follow it at all times.  The majority have to re-affirm their position and correct direction every so often, not just as individuals or companies but also as families and societies and nations.

An outside ( the individual) source of the changes that have come about are movies, so called ‘news programs’ and TV programming even more now than in times past.  There is a saying “You are what you eat.”  and another, which was used by a video rental company and an internet provider, “You are what you see.”  Some people can watch a movie and get up and walk out when it starts to offend but most of us will not walk away to demand our money back.  More to the base of the problem is that men today do not oppose the wrong they see.  If one watches a movie in which the characters perform wrongful acts and one does not note the wrong and actively oppose it in his own being then he becomes a part of that wrongful act to the point that his character is compromised.   The point being that people do not think critically any-more and as a result they are easily controlled and individuals become weak minded.

The family is the true building block of society.  The family that has love and solidarity of feelings can transfer those ideals to society and that society can then build a strong nation.  If the family is not strong then society will be weak and, of course, if the society is weak so will be the nation.  What makes the family strong is individuals strong in faith and morals.  As long as the family or the individual is allowed to weaken himself by improperly watching wrong programming then that individual and family will be weakened, society will follow and the nation will be destroyed.

We as a nation have lost our way because we no longer practice our faith and raise our families accordingly.  When we return to those practices, then and only then can we correct the problems of our Republic and restore the Nation.  Until then it is imperative that we find the moral men among us to serve as our Representatives of the Republic to hold the line.

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