Don’t Curse the Darkness Simply Flip the Switch.

When a car runs out of gas it becomes pretty useless but all it takes to get it back on the road is to put gas in the tank.  You might say the vulnerable part of a car is its need for gas.  The term Achilles Heel comes from the Greek Myth The Illiad and tells the story of Thetis, the sea-goddess who made Achilles invulnerable except for his heel which she kept vulnerable so that she could control him.  The Achilles Heel of a car is its need for gas.  If one doesn’t understand this simple fact he might abandon the car when it ran out of gas thinking it was a useless piece of junk.

If men have turned their backs on a Republic because of its Achilles Heel or its vulnerable spot (which is  its citizens’ need to understand that it is their duty to seek the most moral of men to be their statesmen) then they will bring about a Democracy.

If, or when, those believing in a Democracy take over a Republic the Achilles Heel of that Democracy is the understanding that this is a Republic and that it is their duty to do what is right.  At this point they become Representatives of a Republic even though they may not realize it.  They may not be very good representatives of a Republic because of their misunderstanding of the issues involved but never the less they have changed their allegiance and are likely to change their vote on the issues.

Like the car only needing gas, a Republic only needs its citizens and especially its elected officials to realize that they need to do what is right and elect the moral man or vote for the moral position.

This country is in such peril that practically all men can see it.  And it is not in that peril because of the reasons given by the news media but rather because over a period of time the switches have been flipped in men’s minds and we are in the darkness of ignorance.  All it takes is to start flipping the switches of understanding and the lights will go back on and if done in time our Republic can be restored.

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