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Historically the Republican Party and Democratic Party came into existence long after the forming of the USA and although some of the founders of the Republican and Democratic Parties may have had interest in carrying forward the ideals of the political systems their names seem to represent, neither one of the parties really stand for their namesake.  Although each of the parties do more represent the ideal of that form of government than does the other.

Our founding forefathers understood and were in control enough to see to it that our newly formed country was a Republic and not only that but saw to it that provisions were made to safeguard the constitution so as to protect it against the eventual attacks of those who would work to change our Republic to a Democracy.  It took about two generations before anyone would have the guts to stand against the Republic and suggest a Democracy or even confuse the issue by using the name as the name of a political party.  But first they used the name as Democratic Republican Party.  Then in 1840 they named a political party as the Democratic Party.  It is pretty clear that there was a group wanting to undermine the Republic with Democratic principles and that they had to move slowly so as not to arouse their enemies, the patriots of the Republic.

When Benjamin Franklin was ask what form of government they had come up with for our country Benjamin Franklin said “A Republic if you can keep it.”  He didn’t say “If we can keep it.”  Which indicates he, Benjamin Franklin, was for something else which he would work for. He then later went to France and was involved in the the French Revolution that established a “Reign of Terror” which didn’t end until after seven nuns were guillotined for their faith.  The French Revolution was the prototype or blueprint used for the Bolshevik Revolution in Russia to establish communism.

Mr. Republic (our ideal Representative of a Republic) would never go against the Constitution because it is the law of the land and in order for a Republic to properly function, it has to function by law.   Standard procedure makes the world go round and the law is the standard procedure of a Republic.

Mr. Democracy (our ideal Representative of a Democracy), since he is ideal, also considers the law of the land and works to be the ideal public servant but due to the flaw in his understanding he puts very little value on knowing and understanding the Constitution and pays way more attention to public opinion polls.  He is dismayed with his colleagues as they are not all that worried about the law as represented by the Constitution and Mr. Democracy’s colleagues figure their only limitation is the line, which when stepped over, gets them into trouble.  They work at getting away with what ever will accomplish their goal (that of looking like they are  public servants while serving themselves).

Representatives do not purely stand for either a Republic or a Democracy but claim for the law or popularity on most of the issues.  In today’s political field a high percentage of both the Republicans and the Democrats are Representatives of a Democracy because they have other agendas than that of upholding of the Constitution, the supreme law of the land.

In these latter times of Our Republic so many of the voting public has lost its faith in God and Country and has as its God the Almighty Dollar. They gear everything on its goods and are too busy preparing for another week of work to go to church on Sunday.  So many of the voting public cannot see the religious forest for the trees.  The forest (their eternal happiness) is hidden by their focus on their day to day problems (the trees).  They are so much into the “Me, me, me-Now, now, now” that they don’t see, let alone understand, where they are going or where they are being taken by the political system which is in control of their lives.  These are the people who are electing our representatives and so the representatives are like their electorate and are so tied up with the “Me, me, me,-Now, now, now” that they cannot see or understand their political forest (The Republic).  The elected officials are Representatives of a Democracy mainly because they do not know any better.

With the turmoil we are going into, our elected officials will see more and more unusual things happening which will beg to question them as to what is going on and where we are going.  In those stressed times elected officials will be more receptive to our reaching out to them to show them where Our Republic stands and where we are going if we do not change our course.

Remember all it takes to change where an elected official stands, is for him to understand that it is his duty to do what is right, thereby taking a moral stand.  By that understanding he becomes a Representative of a Republic.  He may not be very good or effective because of his lack of understanding the issues but he has changed his position and, there in, is the hope of this country.

Use the tools at your disposal to educate all men and especially the elected officials that it is their duty to uphold the laws.  Then we can go to work to restore the damage which has been done to Our Republic.

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