The Conservative Winds of Change are Blowing

This country sits on the brink of a new era.  The errors of democratic thought have brought us to a time when social laws are flaunted, God given laws are despised and those who take His laws seriously are hated.  The errors of democracy have been taken up by the American family and have divided it.  There are very few families where the father is the head of the family and as a result everything is in a flux with most-everyone in the family trying to take control.  The young people raised in such an anarchy, as a rule, either abhor authority or realize its importance and crave it.  From this background come the many revolutionaries who are so very disruptive to society.  This group of people is in control of the direction of things at this time.  Those who abhor authority can flop to craving authority, which is one reason that Democracies give way to Dictatorships.  These persons can also, with simple education, realize the problems resultant of a lack of authority and embrace the Republic (a form of government controlled by law).

The solution to any problem is in the understanding of what the problem is and only then can one have the hope of correcting that problem.  The disorder of our families has led to the disorder of our nation.  We need to change the direction of this country.  We can see from history (plus logic tells us) that a decadent society will not stand but crumble until a new force takes it over, usually through war.  In recent history we have seen sick societies continue to survive because other nations have protected and supported them.  But that era is coming to an end as democratic ideals have led us to such a weak position that we ourselves will have a hard time surviving, let alone supporting, other countries.  Already the forces of democratic ideals are leading us into the final stages of a failing Republic by turning us into a Socialist State which will lead to a Totalitarian State.

The winds of change start as an unperceived light wind and as the movement gains force it becomes more and more noticeable until it is such a force that it will restore the Republic.  The winds of decadence are more easily stopped because God has given every man an upward reach.  But the winds of righteous change are unstoppable not only because they have the Almighty behind them but because those who are part of it know they are right and those who oppose know down deep in their heart that they are wrong.

The silent majority has been silent too long.  One of the results of democratic ideals is that statesmen become politicians. No one, of any value, wants to be a politician.  Politicians are considered the low of the low life.  But one doesn’t have to be a politician to run for office.  One can and should be statesman.  The difference is in serving the law rather than serving oneself.

Our nation was founded on the principals of law; a Republic, with safeguards to protect it from the forces which would destroy it by changing it to a Democracy.  The time is late but that lateness in itself lets us see clearly what is before us.

Already we have seen the wind of change even though the news media has tried to hide it.  We have seen it in our friends and neighbors and heard the wind picking up force by the volume of the crowd talking about the problems and some of the solutions.

All that is needed is more understanding to bring about a stronger wind of change.  It is our hope that this and our related web site ( can bring about an understanding that will take US back to The Republic.  Your voice can be added to the volume of the wind of change by helping spread the knowledge of the difference between a Republic and a Democracy.  This simple understanding brings about a difference in the way people think and vote.  Once the populace knows its duty in electing the moral man, we are on the road to recovery.  Remember, a Democracy has to have amoral men in order to continue and if a moral man is elected and realizes it is his duty to do what is right, then that man will be a Representative of a Republic.  The man that has been elected as a Representative of a Democracy and believes it his duty to do as the majority wants, regardless of right or wrong, and then realizes that it is his duty to do what is right, that Representative of a Democracy becomes a Representative of a Republic.

The flier What Democracy? seems to be a good introductory article to which most people are receptive.  Copies can be emailed, faxed, handed out and mailed to friends and associates.  The associate web site “” has links where pdf, jpig, and text copies can be downloaded to send.  They have copyrights on them but as long as they are sent in tact, you are welcome to use them.  The web site also has educational materials including a video on types of government.

The moral majority needs to vote for the moral man. Then kneel down to pray and watch the winds of change blow.

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