So, What Should We Do?

The first step to any solution is to understand the problem.  Study the issue and become comfortable with it.  At our web site,, there are some books listed which can give you and some friends a good grasp of the issue.  Also there is a video from YouTube which is real relivent to the issue.  Become as knowledgeable on the subject as is possible.

The problem is that the American people have been told by so many for so long that they believe this is a democracy.  Hopefully this blog will be of some value.  Our associated web site, http//, can be used as a learning center and used to email articles or to send a link to the website.  The copy of What Democracy?, with Ben Franklin on it not only catches the attention but seems to be pretty understandable and those that disagree can find enough information to interest them enough to check it out more.  What Democracy? has a copywright on it but as long as it is used as it is it can be copied and faxed or mailed or handed out.

If one person in ten would send a copy of What Democracy? or a link to to ten persons  the message would be distributed to a very large number of people.  Hopefully within the next couple of months a good number of fellow citizens well receive a copy of What Democracy? several times.  One exposure generally isn’t enough to really effect most people.

This nation is at a critical point in history and if the tide is not changed now the conciqences could be a very long term problem for generations to come.  The political and economic situation is almost out of control.

What Democracy? has been handed out at my retail store during elections for about fifteen years and this is the first year it has really been paid much attention.  The political climate has changed most people seem to realize the situation is critical and are more willing to do something than ever before.  So, seize the opportunity and lets change the direction of the country and the world.  We really have no choice.

But, I have left the most important to last.  This is a conflict between the forces of good and evil, no not Star Wars, but God and Satin and their minions.  As a result the most important issue is that of prayer and sacrifice.  Without Gods asistance there is no hope, things have gone to far.  But that is why people are so interested because they can see it is critical.

May God Bless Our Republic.

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