Does Your Vote Really Matter

In today’s manipulated world many people do not feel that their vote really matters. But in the last few months we have seen some actions and reactions which have shown just how outrageously important the electorate’s vote is.

The #1 issue for this election, from the beginning, has been the economy. If the socialists could get the economy to look good they could possibly win the election. As the people would not believe that there is something wrong with the direction the socialists are taking us.

There are ways to make an economy look good and there are ways to make an economy do well for a short period of time. We have seen times in the past when the economy has been manipulated but not as drastically as it has been this time. I will give a couple of examples from the not too distant past.

In the 1980’s the Hunt brothers understood inflation and the silver market and they invested in the silver market, not just passively or just aggressively but to the point that they and their friends and associates controlled the silver market. It was said that they ‘cornered’ the silver market.

The Hunts were not just conservative but very supportive of right-wing causes and candidates. Enter Armor Hammer, a Russian agent (he bought and sold for the Russians) who stepped into the silver market with a lot of financial backing and shorted the silver market, breaking the silver market and many of the conservatives who were in the market. The Hunts had to sell their vast holdings of land and businesses.

Then during the Reagan administration there was a massive correction in the economy which was the result of historic inflation which caused the voters of California to pass Proposition 13 which basically said “We the people will not put up with inflation and we hereby restrict the increased size of government in order to control inflation”. The massive correction in the economy which followed would have been a depression but those in control of the economy took one industry at a time and crashed it to historic losses and then they moved to the next industry and did the same thing with it and on through a good part of the economy. All during this episode the news media kept quoting different ones as saying “We hope this does not spread to other industries or we will have a depression.” It didn’t spread (because they had such control of the economy) and they were able to play out the “disguised depression” one industry at a time. They even had to invent a new term to describe what was going on. They called it “Dis-inflation”. But of course it was portrayed to the public as having been a natural course of things and not controlled at all.

On the morning of the Iowa caucus I was headed out to the farm to do chores and turned on the radio to get the slant which the news media was putting on the events taking place and about to take place. The stock market had been having fits going up 2-3 hundred one day and down a few days later a similar amount. It was enough to set any half-wit ill at ease. Greece had been in the news, along with a number of what they called PIGS (Portugal, Italy, Greece, and Spain) as they are bankrupt but haven’t declared so yet. But on this morning of the Iowa caucus the news media declared that the stock markets all around the world and including our own had been up 2-4 % because the problems in Greece had been solved. Along with this bit of news there was a bunch of other misinformation about the economy which, as a whole, said that the economy was in excellent shape.

Go to this site to see a chart of the Dow Jones Averages for the time period that is being talked about from Jan 3, 2012 the date of the Iowa Caucus, and Mar 6, 2012 especially: or any other such charts.

Now several months later we can see that Greece was not OK nor any other part of the economy. But we no longer have the extreme ups and downs of the stock market and the stock market has kept moving up. The part of the news this last month that I would like to bring to your attention is involves the bank started by the #1 man who was the main participant in the secret meetings on Jekyll Island to bring about the Federal Reserve so as to control the economy of the United States. That man was JP Morgan the founder of JP Morgan Chase Bank which is in the news because of the losses they sustained in world-wide trading out of the branch in England to the tune of 4-5 Billion Dollars somewhere around the time of the contrived manipulation of the markets before the Iowa Caucus.

The first announced winner of the Iowa Caucus was Romney, then Santorum, there are those who believe that Ron Paul was the winner of the Iowa Caucus. Ron Paul is the man that has been heading up the move to audit the Federal Reserve and therefore would be throwing an exposing light on JP Morgan.

The 4-5 billion is only a tip of the iceberg because some of the trades would have to have made big bucks as they knew what direction the markets where going to go. So, yes, they went to all this trouble and a great deal more just to influence your vote.

How much is your vote worth? When it comes to the freedom of your family and that of your children’s families, what is your vote worth to you?

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