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Why We Are a Republic, Not a Democracy

PoliticsCommentary Taken from the Daily Signal a publication of The Heritage Foundation Why We Are a Republic, Not a Democracy Walter E. Williams / January 17, 2018 / comments The Founding Fathers designed a system that places heavy checks on the power of the majority. Commentary By Walter E. Williams Walter E. Williams is…

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Mafia Governments

Mafia Governments A Misunderstood Fact about Communism Why is it That Most Totalitarian Governments are Communist ? Forms of government can range from a Constitutional Republic which can guarantee freedom to its people to a totalitarian government which takes all the freedoms from the people and holds them totally to the state. North Korea’s dictatorship…

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Resolution to Stop The Obama Administration From Becoming a Dictatorship

Submitted by Richard L. Cure -Precinct 1002 Background info. from Whereas, The Obama Administration has by-passed Congress and acted without due process of the law as evidenced by the actions listed below: a. Bypassed Congress and instructed the EPA to advance Cap-n-Trade (carbon tax). (source #1) b. Made four Executive Appointments while the Senate…

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Heading for a Dictatorship

Previously we have shown, in this blog (, that this nation is founded on the ideals of a Republic which is a form of government based on law. (see also After years of undermining the citizens’ understanding of the ideals of a Republic, and as the result of no serious efforts to keep the…

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Straight Party Ticket

Political parties have, over the years, evolved to become much like corporations in that they seek to benefit themselves. There is a grass roots group within each political party which is very interested in the issues and as a result this group will work very hard on the party’s platform in order to make a…

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