Los Vegas Terror Attack- An Attack on the Republic

The main point of this blog “What Democracy” is that this country is suppose to be a Republic and that the people as a rule believe this is suppose to be a Democracy so they elected officials who act and react like a Democracy. The way you control a Democracy is through extreme events. Like the 9/11 attacks on the world trade center. Which then brought about the government meddling in private affairs and the loss of personal liberties. A larger out of control government.

A video produced some 25-30 years ago named: No Place to Hide, The Strategy and Tactics of Terrorism, very will showed the different terror attacks at that time and interviewed a number of terrorist along with the review of the terrorist manuals to show that: The Action is in the Reaction. That is that the purpose of organized terrorism is not to kill maim and destroy but is rather to stampede the target country into actions which will weaken that country. The 9/11 attacks caused more lose of our freedoms than what we have seen in this country sense the founding of the Federal Reserve and Income Tax.

The way you control a Democracy is by actions which cause mob rule. In a country which understands it is a Republic and how a republic works terrorism brings about a resolve which goes against the terrorist not towards mob rule. So lets watch our reaction so we truly counter the enemy and not promote him and his purposes.

So remember The Action the terrorist is looking for is in the Reaction.

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