Mafia Governments

Mafia Governments

A Misunderstood Fact about Communism

Why is it That Most Totalitarian Governments are Communist ?

Forms of government can range from a Constitutional Republic which can guarantee freedom to its people to a totalitarian government which takes all the freedoms from the people and holds them totally to the state. North Korea’s dictatorship is an example of a total totalitarian government which holds all the power to itself. The same was true of the old Russia. But today Russia claims to be giving its people freedoms but in reality Russia is just granting the rights, like a franchise, to different persons who then operate as a Mafia under the protection of the government. The arrangement is something like a franchise granted unofficially by the government to the different Mafia heads. There is no need for a formal agreement because noone is to regulate the agreement just the government and there is no arguing with the government. At its lest whim the Mafia head is arrested for tax evasion or what ever and the franchise turned over to the new head man quite often the one prosecuting the former owner-franchise-Mafia head. The main point here is that all the Mafia heads can be demoted to give total control and ownership of the government. The system works very well in convincing outsiders that the government is not really of any real control or possibly is even total inept and therefore is not to be worried about.                                                                                                                                              

A dictatorship can establish communism as its financial system and quit often does. But that does not mean that a dictatorship has to establish a communist economic system or that a communist country has to be run by a dictatorship. But it works best for a totalitarian type government to have communism as its financial system. That away they can steal, in total, all of that within the state. And another issue comes in and that is religious freedoms the same with political freedoms. A totalitarian government doesn’t have to be totally totalitarian as it may be advantageous for looks to tolerate some things at least officially so as to foster good publicity or to keep the enemy states and people confused as to what is going on and where the state and its bureaucracy is at and especially where they are going.

Communism has never worked and will never work as an economic system for any length of time. But it has worked very effectively as a economic system to support a totalitarian government for a short period of time. With the stealing of all the resources of the state the state can reallocate the resources and appear to be prospering as long as one looks at only those industries important to the state. Even the people are the resources of the state and so they are the slaves of the state which are exploited as the state sees fit. Quit often a system of extortion is set up as a means of controlling the people.

Lenin went into Russia with millions of dollars of gold on the train with him to take control of Russia and set up a totalitarian state with communism as the economic system to justify to the world the atrocity of stealing the total value of Russia for the financing party’s. With those stolen resources the Lenin regime could foment revolution and destruction of target states and take them over. Sound enough of an idea except that communism is not a system that can support itself let alone support other country’s. It can take the resources of the first targeted country and use those stolen goods and services to carry out its operation for a while but after a while the state runs out of resources and needs to find another victim to take over or convince someone to give them aid. Russia worked this program by getting the United States to sell them wheat on borrowed money. And by selling arms to those countries they were targeting to take over.

Russia was able with the help of the United States to take over a good deal of eastern Europe after World War II and with that move had all the resource of those countries to feed upon for a number of years until they ran out of resources again.

We are told that communism in Russia failed as of course communism always fails as an economic system but the government did not fail. Even though they had murdered millions of people no one was prosecuted or even effectively demoted as butchers or anything of the sort. It has been in resent years a matter of changing the coat and hat so as to portray a different idealism. Little more than a play for the unwary. These plays are very common in a totalitarian state. The enemy within the state are those seeking freedoms. By stating that the state has changed its policy towards freedom fighters a good many of the freedom fighters are brought out in the open along with there sympathizers. Shortly the enemy’s of the state are rounded up and prosecuted. It doesn’t matter what they are prosecuted for or that they are guilty. The name of the game is not cat and mouse but a reign of terror. This process doesn’t need to be repeated very often for the people to understand when to cheer and when to cry as we see in North Korea. When Russia showed, by way of there dissidents in Ukrainian, that they wanted to take back parts of the Ukraine in order to establish a land bridge to southern Europe (to the Pope in Rome) the people right a way fell in line as they knew what was going to happen and that no help was to be expected from the United States as Obama was implementing a totalitarian state in the United States.

In Hitler’s Germany the totalitarian government failed and the allies hunted down the administration, tried, convicted, and executed them for their crimes. In Russia those of the fained previous government were not prosecuted but rather were given rights to run rough should over who ever the needed to take control and steal the parts of the economy that they wanted. They kept the old power, that is the control of the state, but changed parts of the economic system to the benefit of a few at the top. Once the situation changes, such as the taking over of a new country in which to steal the wealth of, or even, once its own mafia capitalist portion of the economy becomes prosperous enough under a thinly disguised free enterprise system to make it worthwhile to return to communism and steal all the resources which had been created by the franchised Mafia free enterprise, we will probably see a return to the old communist economic system. The real point here is that those who were in control before are still in control they have just changed the way they function in the economic system. But lets not get confused. The crew who was in control before are still in control they have just changed to a system where those in control have given, like franchise rights, to different persons to control different industry’s or areas.

The real essentials have not changed. The totalitarian state is still in place and the controlled so called free enterprise is allowed and encouraged as long as it is within control of the state or those in control of the state.

People visiting Russia say that it is so good that communism failed and that the people are free now. But that it is to bad that the Mafia took over. When in reality the Mafia has always been in control but only with different coats and hats on.

When “Russia failed” there was no purging of the government of the mass murders. No trials. They even had previous Mafia heads murdered when new control was established by some one. Even going to South America to kill a possible future contender. But there was no cleansing when the staged Communism failed. A very critical position as those in control would not want to give up there life. Simply the changing of hats and coats and of course the associated lies from our leaders and the news media that Communism was dead and the biggest proof they gave was that the Berlin Wall came down.

Today we see Russia reestablishing the empire simply by cohesion, plus a little. For there previous mass murders leave a permanent mark in the slaves conciseness. And the number one state they move into first? The one who had the most outrageous amount of people killed. Russia moved all the food out of the Ukraine “The Bread Basket of Europe” and starved 7,000,000 of the people to death about 25% of the population. Is it surprising that when Russia let it known that it wants to take back the Ukraine that Russia was able to find the supporters to back a takeover? There are always those who think treason to nation, family, and God is easier than fighting the establishment.

So the real point is that these totalitarian states are nothing more than Mafias who have taken over governments. The most profitable and the least likely to be prosecuted of all Mafias as they claim to be independent states with rights to exist as independent states.

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