Corona-Virus Debate

We have a very diverse set of positions in this country dominated by a number of situations such as: what tv programming is being watched; which church one is affiliated; whether one is conservative or socialist; and whether one is democrat or republican.

This blog is mostly concerned with the difference between a democracy and a republic with the main point is that our country is to be a republic and not a democracy.

Let’s show which form of government would back which position. The main issue is, how far do you go to fight a virus?

Those standing for a republic, firstly and foremost want to stay within the framework of the law, while looking after individual rights. Lives are critical but within boundaries. People are allowed to drive cars and at high speeds even though deaths will occur and will do so especially at higher speeds. The well-being of the total society is taken into account. A value is put on life in dollars and cents so one can get a better handle on how much should be spent on such things as guard rails. A republic tends to take things as they come and not do a bunch of forward planning because so much can be wasted in time and money.

Democracy, on the other hand, is ideally looking to represent the people, as opposed to the law (constitution) but in reality, the man representing the democracy almost always has his own agenda. A representative of democracy quite often believes in socialism which is treasonous to a republic because socialism stands against the constitution which is there to safeguard the rights of the people. A democracy is interested in buying as many votes as it can (with state funds). Being inclined to socialism a democracy usually does not mind doing something which will support the downfall of free-enterprise so they can theoretically institute a more perfect socialistic society.

So when it comes to shutting down businesses, for whatever reason especially if one can claim lives are at stack, those who are representative of democracy will work to extend the shut-down and the representative of a republic will work to restore life to normalcy in order to safeguard individual rights and protect the economy.

Any new situation takes some time in order to get one’s feet under him so he can react properly. Some people are quicker than others. Additionally, of course there are those who know ahead of time what is coming and what is being planned if a certain type of thing happens. It is not socially acceptable to talk about conspiracy because you have to point fingers at people. Also if one has a high degree of education one has it highly ingrained not to allow conspiratorial ideas to be put forward. But I think most Americans can remember 9/11 and I do not think it is important to describe what that means because it is so ingrained into men’s minds after all the brain-washing that went on at the time. It was a conspiracy which ran a lot deeper and concerned many more than just the people flying the planes.

A key to understanding terrorism is understanding the thinking of the terrorists. The organized terrorist is not so interested in destroying buildings and or killing people. One of the statements which tells what terrorism is runs thus: “The action is in the reaction.” In other words they are interested informing your reaction so they can accomplish their goal. They were attacking our country not the trade center. And the purpose was to turn our government into our enemy by changing the government so that it takes away our constitutional rights. The terrorists have won the war on terrorism. The terrorists managed to take a good deal of our freedoms.

If one will look at this coronavirus situation and compare it to 9/11 one can easily see the similarities. The Hype. The shutting-down of the nation. Most people thought would have a hard time accepting that what is going on now is a terrorist attack.

The virus, I believe, was not purposely released but that could be debated especially in China. But the news media’s part in all of it is quite obvious. They have built all the hype to drive the reaction. Remember, The Action is in the Reaction. So the essential terrorist, in this case, is the news media. Yet the number one perpetrator was the Imperial College of London who produced the Covid Act Now Model, which was used to push unsuspecting politicians into acceptance of the model and then to carry out the shutting down of the economy. The organization had said; “this model is designed to drive fast action, not predict the future.” But that is not what the president and governors were told. The organization had run this hoax before, with other viruses including Ebola, SARS, MERSA, etc. They were looking for the right situation to turn into a perceived pandemic. The web site that better shows what went on is;

What needs to be done is for us to get back to work. The enemies will face the consequences in due time.

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