How Did I Come To This Understanding?

Many things in my life have set the stage for my future and have helped me to understand, better than many when certain things took place, what was going on. As a pre-teen into young adulthood, different things taught me about communism, socialism, and the importance of free enterprise in a republic, especially our Constitutional Republic.

In the Nineteen-fifties my parents were in a study group concerning the apparitions of Our Lady at Fatima. In the last apparition on October 13, 1917, during a pre-announced miracle, she appeared to the three seers while over 70,000 persons observed the Miracle of the Sun when the sun danced and plunged toward the earth. Our Lady of Fatima told the children (especially Lucy, the eldest of the children to whom The Blessed Mother appeared to) that if people did not pray the Rosary and make sacrifices while asking for the Consecration of Russia to Her Immaculate Heart, Russia would spread her errors throughout the world. So began my understanding of Communism.

My parents were farmers in the late Nineteen-fifties. The US government was wanting to take control of farming by controlling what the farmers raised, how much they raised, what price they sold it for and what government payment they would receive. My dad called that payment a bait check because its purpose was to bait the farmer into socialism. It was decided that there would be a Wheat Referendum whereby, an election would decide if the farmers wanted the government in or out of their business.  The American Farm Bureau decided to have a very extensive educational series on what socialism and communism are and what such a socialist system would do, not just to farmers, but to the country. The educational programs were over a short period of time. My parents, having been exposed to communism through the study of Our Lady of Fatima, were very interested. So they went to the meetings and I went with them. I was probably an early teenager. The seminars were very informative. We voted against the referendum and won but the government said that although it was helpful they would continue on with their program of controlling the farmer. This is typical of socialists working towards communism.

Dad met some of the producers of the educational program and learned about the John Birch Society which was trying to expose the communist conspiracy. Mom and Dad joined the John Birch Society and went to work studying, promoting books, and helping with pamphlet mailing programs and a speaker’s bureau. I was able to hear some top-notch persons like Cleon Skousen who wrote The Naked Communist (and which I bought an autographed copy of) and the Naked Capitalist. We also heard Fr. Francis 

Fenton exposed the changes in the Catholic Church and how the communists had infiltrated the Church.

One of our common concerns was the press and how they would ignore the conservative news or slant it in the socialist communist idealism. There was a constant deterioration of the country toward socialist and communist ideas. 

I wanted to go to college but my dad didn’t want me to be under the control of such an indoctrinational schooling where you had to learn their idealism in order to get a good grade. He said I could go but that I would need to pay my own way which I did but I was too tight to pay an enemy to try and brainwash me so I soon quit. Most educated persons were getting indoctrinated especially to reject any idea of a conspiracy.

In the early eighties, California passed  Proposition 13 which put the brakes on inflation by outlawing larger tax hikes. I thought if they could not continue inflation as a means of taking control they would need to have a depression to take control. I subscribed to the Wall Street Journal so I could follow where things were going and how they were doing it. I documented what was going on and I sent a letter out to friends and close relatives stating that we were going to have a depression. Ronald Reagan had been elected and I was sure that the conspirators would bring about a depression in order to continue to stay in control. But time went on and the financial collapse didn’t happen as I had expected. Instead, industry after industry collapsed (one at a time). The Wall Street Journal kept saying that we should be fine as long as the collapse didn’t spread from one industry to the rest of the industries or we could have a depression. Banks, real estate, steel, trucking, savings and loans all went down (one at a time). I felt I had egg on my face. But I finally realized we did have a depression but one industry at a time. This was in the eighty’s. They, the conspiracy, had so much control, then, that they could control a depression in such a manner, by one industry at a time. Consider how much money could be made if you knew when which industries were going to go down and when to buy them back. While using options to put them down and to bring them up. They had to have something to call it so they called it disinflation, the first time ever they had such a thing happen. They gave Reagan the credit for it which kept the conservatives out of their hair. They had that much control then, no wonder they have so much control today. Think of all the money they made which they could use in the future to control the way they wanted things to go.

In the political field, they took control by buying who they could and financing the elections of who they wanted. It was not total but sure enough to be able to predict where things were going with near certainty. Obama, a Chicagoan, was taken to Russia by Saul Salinsky, the top communist, obviously to get Putin’s approval and support to become the president of the United States. Donald Trump brought up the fact that Obama was not a citizen and therefore could not run for president.  Obama came up with false evidence to show that he was a citizen but when he was elected he had all the records destroyed as to his schooling and such which could show who he really was. Of course, I saw Dinesh D’Souza’s production which was in the theaters exposing Obama and Curtis Bowers’ Agenda, and Agenda II which exposed the conspiracy which he calls an agenda because they are pretty open about their intent. Then later Dinesh D’Souza’s Hilary’s America was very educational. Even though they were being exposed the betrayal which had been in control for so long just kept marching on but the people were learning who the traitors were, how they work, and that their purpose is to take total control. The key point is that the normal progression is to more government control. When we see good triumphing we need to realize that God is working in our favor. 

Many religions say we deserve to be punished for all the abortions performed in this country. To some extent that is true. There is more we can and should do. But this country has been brainwashed into believing that one should not be reactive to wrong. Just be patient and it will all work out because of our false belief in the system. If people will not educate themselves and their fellow countrymen and stand up against what is wrong, wrong will triumph.

One needs to realize that God knows who has been in control. The enemy has run the schools, the entertainment industry, the news, (basically all being brainwashing establishments) and now they run most of the corporations. I do not believe God judges us as severely as what the extremists want to believe: that God is condemning us for what is wrong and that it is about all over, the end is near. No, it is not. God is merciful. And he knows who the enemy is and what he has done.

I heard about Obama supporting, financing, and arming the terrorists in Syria through  Benghazi, (evidently, this information was through the Israeli intelligence agency as our intelligence agency was ineffective) the terrorists were called ISIS (Obama called them ISIL as it was their intent to become a nation for the Arabs similar to what Israel is to the Jew). They had to destroy everything in the consulate in Benghazi including Stevenson to make sure they had destroyed all the evidence. Secretary of State Clinton was said to have had a medical condition after this and so resigned. Why shouldn’t she have a nervous breakdown? She could be prosecuted and hung for treason. But Obama was not a citizen of the United States and could plead not guilty of treason because he is not a citizen of the United States.

I had known since a young age that the United States is the target country to be brought down before the establishment of a world communist organization could take totalitarian control.

Solar Distraction

While Obama was president and Russia was hosting the Winter Olympics, the sun was putting on a spectacular display. NASA had forecast that between October and February of that year, there would be a massive solar flare maximum.

Understanding the communist ways of doing things, I was sure Obama would want to take total military control of the United States before he was to leave the office of President after two terms. He had caused most of the higher officers of the military to retire and had downgraded the rest of the military. I had been trying to figure out how this takeover would come about. The news on the internet was watched closely so I could prepare for what was coming.  The common way to prepare the population for coming events is to give notice of a lot of what is going to be happening so that the common man will think the events were what was naturally coming.

At this time the internet had a lot of articles about Corona Mass Ejections (CMEs) which are solar events consisting of large solar flares shooting out a mass of energy that travels very fast and can go out at any angle from the sun making the possibility of hitting the earth very small. This event can only hit us during the day while the earth is facing the sun. We have possibly had at least two massive CME,s, one in Canada and one in Russia though there have probably been more. These CME,s are very destructive especially in these days as they will fry all those things working off the power lines as the power lines act as antennas and collect the energy and transport it down the line. CME,s are different from an Electro Magnetic Pulse (EMP) which is given off by an atomic bomb in that an EMP destroys computer-type devices within the line of sight of the exploded atomic bomb. It was found during nuclear tests in the Pacific that the lights were being messed up in Hawaii a long way from the test site. It is believed that an EMP set off many miles above the earth could affect the whole United States. An EMP would not just affect computers but would also cause the same damage as a CME with the damage done by the power lines collecting the energy and sending it to the ground. Most people would not know the difference. Especially if they were told that a CME was going to hit at a given time.

Many amateur astronomers can see a CME when it is ejected but they have no idea where it is headed or at what speed. NASA has satellites that watch the sun and through the use of triangulation, they can tell where a CME is headed and the speed it is going and can foretell the time a CME is to hit. With the population being told that a CME was to hit at a given time it would be almost impossible to convince the populous that it was not a CME but rather an EMP if an EMP were to be set off at the point and time of a projected time that a CME was to hit. They could hit Houston, for example, with a low small atomic bomb but yet high enough to be undetected as a bomb, and being Houston was on the water a lot of it could be over water and it would look like it was the size of a CME which can be quite small compared to an EMP. These preparations for a CME prompted me to look for other preparations. I found a number of discriminating things going on.

The Mexican highway across north Mexico was being built and was slated for a completion date of Oct 15th. This was very revealing since it was slated to be completed at the forecast time the solar maximum was to be starting. That highway was to go from the West Coast of Northern Mexico through the mountains with some of the most impressive bridges and tunnels almost as far as the East Coast of Mexico. Trucks are to be able to go from a port on the west coast of Mexico to the East side of Mexico just South of the border of the US in a number of hours.

The United States and China did joint operations in Hawaii in preparation for any big catastrophic event wherein we were to use the Chinese to help with the control of the affected people with supplies and troops. The first guard could be there within hours after a request for help by way of the highway. Ships could be there not long after by coming through the Panama Canal. Not only could the ships bring men and supplies to occupy Texas but they could take back persons interested in escaping the hell hole Houston would become because of an EMP. Those persons looking at boarding ships could be taken to the ‘Ghost Cities’ constructed in China, evidently built to accommodate refugees (new unwitting slaves). 

The government did a testing of the emergency response system for the control of the national grid. And the persons involved in the present control of the grid were told that if there was an emergency the controllers were to give total control to the government so it could turn off or on different parts of the country as they saw fit. After a hit like that described above, such control would be needed to control the country and especially Texas so that information could be better controlled. Obama then later moved the control of the grid from Texas to a more liberal state.

The time for the solar disturbance came and was going by with nothing happening. It made me wonder. Then in Feb. one of the largest solar flares in twenty-some years came around the left edge of the sun. It contained all the gamma rays and such which are required to produce a disastrous CME if it were to hit the earth. Scientists said there would surely be many CMEs and the Obama administration only needed one to set its plan into action. The naked eye could see the solar flare before sunset but it had not produced a single CME. Scientists were flabbergasted and could not believe it. The question then became “What would happen to the solar flare as it passed on the back side of the sun? Would it come back around? Very unlikely.” But it did come back 

around a second time. And again scientists said there would surely be many CMEs. There were all the conditions necessary for such CMEs but again not one. Scientists just could not believe such a thing could happen.

The proof that the communists did plan such an attack is in the fact that God saw to it there was no CME. NOT A ONE. All they needed was one for then they could falsify the projections to have it hit where they needed it to hit at the time they needed it. If you go online to find the evidence of such goings on it has been eliminated. Such a solar flare should be very much in the news. This is another big proof of what was being planned and how God had stepped in the way. As time goes on they will be able to more easily do away with the evidence but there will still be someone with the proof.

This episode convinced me beyond any doubt that Obama would go to any length to take control. I was trying to get the Republican Party to impeach Obama for all he had done and even though I was working with one of the most conservative counties in the conservative state of Texas I was opposed. They would not approve it.

After the failed attempt which told Obama that God could and would protect us at some point, Obama sent troops to Texas in an operation called Jade Helm. This was to be a make-believe operation that would designate Texas as an enemy state and carry out nighttime operations among the population. They are headquartered a short distance from the state capital. The Texas governor brought the national guard in to monitor the situation. Patriots were concerned that the nighttime troops might take citizens to prosecute them. It was a terrorist attack. My wife and I went to the counties that were to be targeted to try and convince them to refuse to allow the infringement on the rights of their constituents. No one did anything that we could see to stop the invasion. This was definitely and completely outside of normalcy.

The speaker of the house, John Boehner, was setting his position while allowing Obama and the Clintons to do as they pleased with nothing being done. Clinton’s emails were swept under the rug. No one was doing anything about this communist takeover.

I studied Hitler’s takeover of Germany while I was in high school. It amazed me that people just sat and let it all happen. Some people were realistic enough to get out but very few did so.

Well, I decided it was time to get out. I told my wife we were going to move to Ecuador after our daughter Angela was married. We would move there to establish a home so others could follow. People said, oh that is stupid. They said the president of Ecuador was a communist and he was. But the people there had demonstrated against him and one city tried to arrest him but he barricaded himself so the military could get there to rescue him. The people of Ecuador were not just sitting there. People said we should go and check it out. So we bought tickets to go see the country. We had a big garage sale and bought a container to store things in so we could lease our house for income. This was not a pipe dream to me. We would go.

Then Boehner, the Speaker of the House, asked Pope Francis to come speak to the House and Senate. The House was putting pressure on Boehner to get him to step down. While the pope spoke Boehner cried (which they said he did normally) but the important thing is that the next day Boehner resigned. We were ready to fly to Ecuador so we made the trip which was good but I realized then that things had changed and it was not because of man but because of God.

Shortly after this incident with Boehner, Putin came to the US supposedly because of conflicts in Syria. The game had changed. Obama had betrayed Russia by putting the Muslims first by supporting ISIS.  And of course, Putin knew that. Obama had shown that he was a Muslim and not a Christian. Obama had acted in such a way that had jeopardized his taking over the US and he had pushed God into standing against him on the solar flares. Putin knew these things. The Associated Press had a picture of Putin standing and waiting on Obama while Obama was entering the room. The picture was worth a million words. Putin’s look was, “You slimy animal.” and Obama’s look was that of a whipped dog. That told me things had changed and Obama was on his way out. Not from men because men would not act but because of God’s intercession. Our family move to Ecuador was, gladly, off.

People chastise me for saying that God had blessed this or that. They say how do you know the mind of God? Well, when the Israelites came up to the Red Sea and it was parted it would have been pretty stupid to say, “ No, I am going to sit here and wait. I am not sure God has anything to do with this.” When the sun, controlled by God alone, fails to perform according to its natural laws and saves a nation from a totalitarian takeover, then it seems to me pretty Godless to say one does not know the mind of God in this instant. When things go contrary to the laws of nature, when the enemy fails to achieve what he is working towards and whereas he has always moved forward but is exposed in the process it is pretty obvious to me the Hand of God is in the works.

Then Trump came along and accomplished the impossible (obviously with the help of God) they tried to get rid of him every step of the way but only made fools of themselves. Then Trump wins the second-term election in a landslide but there were obvious, crooked maneuvers and Trump was put out by foul play. So, one might ask, where is the hand of God you have been talking about? I believe it is still there. 

Since the writing of this letter to my conservative customers after the Biden’s takeover the enemy has had control of the Presidency, Vice Presidency, the House, and the Senate, and has had the Supreme Court buffaloed so they would not work since the top blackmailer of all time was still at work and what did it get them but an opportunity to make fools of themselves. Yes, I say with help from the hand of God. It is said that the top blackmailer died by hanging himself, which could be a fact of life as he would have reason for regret. We see some politicians turn around and the conspirators couldn’t count on anything.

Anything could happen. Biden could tell his handlers, “You’re not going to put me away,  I will put you away.”

What a wake-up call!

In May of 2023 the first ever United Sates Citizen’s incorrupt body was exhumed. Sister Wilhelmina Lancaster was a holy nun in a cloistered convent going to a traditional Latin Mass. What a wake-up call to the so-called, Catholics in political positions including the President of the United States.

So, yes, the best may be yet to come. God is good.

P.S. When the conspiracy gets concerned that they are liable to lose control they play the “Alien Card” figuring that if things get really bad for them they can fain an alien takeover as a means of keeping control. So when you hear such stories being circulated you can realize the communists are getting nervous.

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