Heading for a Dictatorship

Previously we have shown, in this blog (www.whatdemocracy.net), that this nation is founded on the ideals of a Republic which is a form of government based on law. (see also www.squidoo.com/whatdemocracy). After years of undermining the citizens’ understanding of the ideals of a Republic, and as the result of no serious efforts to keep the citizen informed of his duties as a citizen of a Republic, the Republic naturally gives way to a Democracy. (www.whatdemocracy.us/archives/11 Don’t Curse the Darkness Flip the Switch) And, eventually, that Democracy naturally becomes a Dictatorship ( www.whatdemocracy.us/archives/4 What Difference Does it Make, Republic or Democracy?) The decay of our country is not at a natural rate because the enemies of freedom have been working for many years to undermine and destroy our Republic and put themselves into total control. This is a little much for most Americans to swallow in one bite so let’s go over the pieces of the puzzle to see how it all fits together and what we are going to have to do to stop this masquerade and save our country and the lives of patriots.

Our Constitution and Bill of Rights are the basis of the government of our Republic and the safeguards of our rights. Our government is intended to function under these governing rules of law. All men are to be ruled by the law. A good percentage of people do not understand the form of government by which our country is to be ruled nor their duties as citizens and as a result they elect officials who do not understand their duties as elected officials. (www.whatdemocracy.us/archives/7 The Conservative Winds of Change are Blowing) The news media and those advocates of Democracy pushing for Democracy and Socialism (www.whatdemocracy.us/archives/13 Democracy and Socialism are Siamese Twins) have pushed to make the public believe this is a Democracy and in that confusion the people elect officials who believe it is their duty to do what the people want as opposed to doing what is right by law. The citizens have turned against the law in that they have voted for persons who will act against the law in order to give them what they want.

If the people believe this is a Democracy then they will elect officials who will not respect the law but public opinion and when this takes place the country will respond as a Democracy and not as a Republic. Read again as it is key. (www.whatdemocracy.us/archives/4 What Difference Does it Make, Republic or Democracy?)

Democracy is not a rule by law. It is rule by majority. A country ruled by those who believe this a Democracy become ruled by events and demagogues who are willing to use events to take more power. Events can be created in order to give the excuse to rule. In times past events had to be extreme to bring about extreme change but as time goes on and technology becomes more advanced, men become overwhelmed by all the propaganda put out by our bipartisan news media (Laugh). Mountains can be made out of mole hills. The law of the land is swept aside as the law isn’t as important as public opinion in a functioning Democracy.

A recent poll stated that Congress has a lower popularity rating than a cockroach. Congress is composed of those whom we have elected so how can that be? One reason is because the citizens have elected representatives who believe it is their duty to do what their constituents want them to do. Yet the representatives hear speeches which inform them that it is their duty to follow the law and to do what is right. So they become confused. And the news media constantly pushes the socialist totalitarian line of thought thereby brainwashing the citizens and the representatives. The media has gone on and on with the idea that the Fiscal Cliff is because of Congress who will not act on it. When you have a Congress which is divided on basics such as Republic or Democracy how can you get along when one side knows the law has to be preserved and the other side believes opinion is the ruling matter? Those pushing for Democracy are: #1 undermining their country #2 showing disrespect for the law (Constitution) #3 preparing the way for a Dictator. Those who know this is a Republic know they can not compromise the Law and are therefore an unmovable force. If the two sides are nearly balanced in number then nothing meaningful can be done.

One can see that as the Republic deteriorates the law means less and less. We have seen, in this country, a man elected president who was not legally a member of this country and therefore has no right to be an elected official. He is circumventing the law with presidential decrees to bring about a totalitarian state and it is only a matter of time until an event will allow him to declare himself totally above the law. He will then be Dictator.

So how do we stop this chain of events? #1 We have to understand that this is supposed to be a Republic. That should be simple enough. Just say the pledge of allegiance or look at where the constitution says that it guarantees to the states a Republican form of government. #2 We have to understand what a Republic is and how it is intended to function. Simple understood that one is not to elect an amoral man because he will not serve the law and will serve himself. #3 We have to educate the citizens as to the two above facts. What four basic points to teach. It will take a few times being told for a number of them but a good number will fully understand quickly. #4 We have to convey these understandings to our elected officials so they can act as Representatives of a Republic. #5 We have to demand that the law be obeyed. #6 And if we are going to succeed we are going to have to pray as if it were totally up to God. (www.whatdemocracy.us/archives/6 So,What Should We Do?)

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