What Difference Does It Make, Republic or Democracy?

When voting, the man that understands that this is a Republic looks for the man who is moral enough to do what is right and is interested in following the laws of: #1 God; #2 The Constitution; #3 Laws of the State. The voters attitude is basically a long term outlook with a concern for future generations. The man who personifies the ideals of a Republic could be a juror in that he is disinterested in himself and is interested in doing his duty.

Whereas, when voting, the man that understands that this is a Democracy looks for the man who is going to vote as he wants him to vote. The attitude is basically, “ Me, me, me – Now, now, now“. The man who personifies the ideals of a Democracy could be a labor union representative whose job it is to get the best deal for his people pretty much regardless of how it effects anyone else.

If the electorate believes that this is a Republic then it will elect (as a rule) moral men who will strive to do their best for the common good. And if the electorate believes that this is a Democracy it will elect amoral men who will have their own interest at heart no matter what the cost to others. In reality the representative of a Democracy will be looking to serve himself and will use the power he has to promote himself and those who will promote him.

One of the keys to understanding this issue is understanding that even though this is a Republic, if the voters and the elected officials believe it is a Democracy then through the actions of the voters and their elected officials the Republic will cease to act as a Republic and will act and react as a Democracy.

The natural tendency of men is to embrace a Democracy, for man is naturally selfish. When the men of a Republic fail to learn and teach, this is a Republic, it’s values and how it works a Republic naturally gives way to a Democracy. And once the statesman of the Republic is removed from the process of governing, those interested in controlling the masses do so by the use of events brought about to create mass hysteria in order to give the demagogues the opportunity to implement the laws they want. By this route a Democracy naturally gives way to a Dictatorship. This is why Benjamin Franklin, when asked what form of government had been installed, replied, “A Republic, if you can keep it.”

What Democracy?

Pledge of Allegiance to the Flag
I pledge allegiance to the flag of the United States of America
and to the Republic for which it stands,
one nation under God indivisible
with liberty and justice for all.

Constitution of the United States of America
Article IV; Section 4
The United States shall guarantee to every State in the Union,
a republican form of government….

Surprised there was no mention of democracy?

Let’s take a quick look at the difference between a Representative Republic and a Representative Democracy.

A Republic is a government by law.
A Democracy is a government by majority rule.
A Representative of a Republic (Congressman etc.) is an elected official whose duty it is to make up the laws.
A Representative of a Democracy is an elected official who is to do, as hose who elected him want him to do.
Under a Representative Republic the most important qualification for election is to be a moral man so he can uphold the law and understand hat would make a good law.  Good laws are based on morals.
Under a Representative Democracy the most important qualification for election is that the one running for election be solely interested in serving the public welfare and that he have no interest above the public welfare.
Under a Representative Republic the representative is to uphold that which is right regardless of what the majority wants.
Under a Representative Democracy the representative is to do what the people want regardless of what’s right.
Under a Representative Republic you are looking for the most moral man.
Under a Representative Democracy you are looking for an amoral man.  That is, a man who would not have morals standing in the way of the majorities will.

Although this country is supposed to be a Representative Republic, the people have been made to believe it is a Representative Democracy.  In the recent past when the people have gone to the polls they have looked for the man who promised he would give the people what they wanted. The moral man who said, “ You can’t have what you want because we would have to steal it from someone else.” Didn’t have a chance.

So if you wonder why we no longer have statesmen for representatives, its probably because you haven’t been looking for statesmen but have been looking for so called, “public servants”, who are one step away from common criminals looking for the opportunity to serve themselves.

This is a Republic not a Democracy.  Look for the moral man.