Resolution to Stop The Obama Administration From Becoming a Dictatorship

Submitted by Richard L. Cure -Precinct 1002
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Whereas, The Obama Administration has by-passed Congress and acted without due process of the law as evidenced by the actions listed below:
a. Bypassed Congress and instructed the EPA to advance Cap-n-Trade (carbon tax). (source #1)
b. Made four Executive Appointments while the Senate was NOT in recess, which the Supreme Court has ruled unconstitutional, yet the appointees still remain. (source #2)
c. Did not get Congress’s approval for Obama’s war in Libya. Article I, Section 8, Impeachable under Article II, Section 4. Obama falsely claims UN can usurp Congressional war powers. (source #3)

Whereas, The Obama Administration has repeatedly denied Constitutional rights as evidenced in the actions listed below:
a. Obama Care requirement to provide birth control which restricts freedom of religious belief. (source #4)
b. IRS denial of right to quick process and the targeting of politically opposing organizations. (source #5)
c. Use of drones on American Citizens. (source #6)

Whereas, The Obama Administration has used Executive Privilege in the following incidents:
a. Fast and Furious-gun running to drug lords where a border patrol agent and many others were killed. To be named specifically in this fiasco is Attorney General Holder. (source #7)
b. Obama Care sold by the Administration as ‘not a tax’ in Congress then went to the Supreme Court and claimed it was a tax thereby keeping the unconstitutional law from being thrown out. (source #8)
c. In the Benghazi fiasco the Ambassador and supporting troops were killed because the Obama administration, at best, did not act or react responsibly. Specifically to be named in this wrong doing is Secretary of State Hillary Clinton. (source #9)
d. Forced legislation through for the allowing of ‘gays’ in the military which weakened our Armed Forces. (source #10)
e. National Labor Relations Board, to which Obama had illegally appointed 3 members, was used to stop Boeing from building a $750 million Dreamliner plant in right-to-work South Carolina. (source #11)
f. Appointed more than two dozen “czars” to federal agencies without the “Advice and Consent of the Senate.” (source #12)
g. The prosecution of Snowden for his patriotic act of disclosing the unconstitutional action of our government spying on its people. (source #13)

Whereas, The Obama Administration has made repeated stands against the Congress’s right to know as evidenced in:
a. Benghazi fiasco, along with the associated cover-up and denial involving, especially, the President and the Secretary of State (source #14)
b. Investigation into the discrimination of IRS in processing of filings for tax exempt status. (source #15)

Whereas, The Obama Administration has used Executive Orders to bypass and negate Congress and the Constitution as witnessed by the following incidents:
a. 23 Executive Orders on gun control – an infringement on the 2nd Amendment especially involving Vice President Biden. (source #16)
b. Executive Order bypassing Congress on immigration – Article 1 Section 1, All Legislative power held by Congress. (source #17)
c. Executive Order 13603 – NDPT – government can seize anything. (source #18)
d. Executive Order 13524 – Gives INTERPOL jurisdiction on American soil beyond law enforcement agencies, including the FBI, which gives power to a foreign power. (source #19)
e. Executive Order 13636 Infrastructure Cyber Security – Bypassing Congress Article 1 Section 1, All legislative power held by Congress. (source #20)

Whereas, the Obama Administration has, through its oversight of governmental agencies, allowed or caused the loss of Constitutional rights as witnessed by the following incidents:
a. Attempted to tax political contributions of the opposing party – 1st Amendment. (source #21)
b. Later caused IRS to hold up tax-exempt status on organizations which opposed Obama. (source #22)
c. Allowed spying on the American people through a program, code named Prism NSA and the FBI’s tapping directly into the servers of 9 internet companies to gain emails, video/audio, photos and documents. NSA is also collecting data on all phone calls in U.S. These actions are violations of the 4th Amendment. (source #23)

Whereas, The Obama Administration has disregarded laws on the books thereby negating the Laws of the Land as witnessed by the following incidents:
a. Directed the Department of Justice to ignore the Constitution and separation of powers and to stop enforcement of the Defense of Marriage Act. (source #24)
b. Has continued to neglect to enforce existing immigration laws while creating its own. (source #25)

Whereas, The Obama Administration has given its cronies, rights outside of the law making the law a personal privilege thereby making a farce of the law, evidenced by:
a. Healthcare waivers – Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid’s home state Nevada received a blanket waiver from Obama Care. Nancy Pelosi’s district received about 20% of the waivers. No president has dispensing powers. (source #26)

Whereas, The Obama Administration has acted in the capacity of a foreign power and plans to do so in the future as witnessed by the following acts:
a. Obama took Chairmanship of UN Security Council – Violation of Section 9. (source #27)
b. Plans to sign U.N. Firearms Treaty, which infringes on our Constitutional 2nd Amendments rights and gives the power to a foreign body, which could be argued as a clear case of treason.

Therefore be it Resolved, That our representatives take up this call to action to prosecute the Obama Administration for various crimes outlined above to include but not limited to the Impeachment of President Obama. We ask our Texas Federal Representatives Senator Ted Cruz, Senator Cornyn, and Congressman Michael Burgess to pursue immediate correction of the violation of powers by the Obama Administration. And to press for changes in Homeland Security, FEMA, and to the Amended (Sept. 2009) Defense Production Act of 1950 (source #29) which is used as the basis for many of the presidential orders which undermine our Constitution. Our State Representatives are asked to lend support in the above matters. We here set forth the Impeachment Articles of Michael Connelly, J.D. Constitutional Lawyer as an example of what we expect to be brought before Congress. (source #28)

18) Department of Homeland Security is made #1 with all agencies including FEMA under Department of Homeland Security. March 16, 2012.

Heading for a Dictatorship

Previously we have shown, in this blog (, that this nation is founded on the ideals of a Republic which is a form of government based on law. (see also After years of undermining the citizens’ understanding of the ideals of a Republic, and as the result of no serious efforts to keep the citizen informed of his duties as a citizen of a Republic, the Republic naturally gives way to a Democracy. ( Don’t Curse the Darkness Flip the Switch) And, eventually, that Democracy naturally becomes a Dictatorship ( What Difference Does it Make, Republic or Democracy?) The decay of our country is not at a natural rate because the enemies of freedom have been working for many years to undermine and destroy our Republic and put themselves into total control. This is a little much for most Americans to swallow in one bite so let’s go over the pieces of the puzzle to see how it all fits together and what we are going to have to do to stop this masquerade and save our country and the lives of patriots.

Our Constitution and Bill of Rights are the basis of the government of our Republic and the safeguards of our rights. Our government is intended to function under these governing rules of law. All men are to be ruled by the law. A good percentage of people do not understand the form of government by which our country is to be ruled nor their duties as citizens and as a result they elect officials who do not understand their duties as elected officials. ( The Conservative Winds of Change are Blowing) The news media and those advocates of Democracy pushing for Democracy and Socialism ( Democracy and Socialism are Siamese Twins) have pushed to make the public believe this is a Democracy and in that confusion the people elect officials who believe it is their duty to do what the people want as opposed to doing what is right by law. The citizens have turned against the law in that they have voted for persons who will act against the law in order to give them what they want.

If the people believe this is a Democracy then they will elect officials who will not respect the law but public opinion and when this takes place the country will respond as a Democracy and not as a Republic. Read again as it is key. ( What Difference Does it Make, Republic or Democracy?)

Democracy is not a rule by law. It is rule by majority. A country ruled by those who believe this a Democracy become ruled by events and demagogues who are willing to use events to take more power. Events can be created in order to give the excuse to rule. In times past events had to be extreme to bring about extreme change but as time goes on and technology becomes more advanced, men become overwhelmed by all the propaganda put out by our bipartisan news media (Laugh). Mountains can be made out of mole hills. The law of the land is swept aside as the law isn’t as important as public opinion in a functioning Democracy.

A recent poll stated that Congress has a lower popularity rating than a cockroach. Congress is composed of those whom we have elected so how can that be? One reason is because the citizens have elected representatives who believe it is their duty to do what their constituents want them to do. Yet the representatives hear speeches which inform them that it is their duty to follow the law and to do what is right. So they become confused. And the news media constantly pushes the socialist totalitarian line of thought thereby brainwashing the citizens and the representatives. The media has gone on and on with the idea that the Fiscal Cliff is because of Congress who will not act on it. When you have a Congress which is divided on basics such as Republic or Democracy how can you get along when one side knows the law has to be preserved and the other side believes opinion is the ruling matter? Those pushing for Democracy are: #1 undermining their country #2 showing disrespect for the law (Constitution) #3 preparing the way for a Dictator. Those who know this is a Republic know they can not compromise the Law and are therefore an unmovable force. If the two sides are nearly balanced in number then nothing meaningful can be done.

One can see that as the Republic deteriorates the law means less and less. We have seen, in this country, a man elected president who was not legally a member of this country and therefore has no right to be an elected official. He is circumventing the law with presidential decrees to bring about a totalitarian state and it is only a matter of time until an event will allow him to declare himself totally above the law. He will then be Dictator.

So how do we stop this chain of events? #1 We have to understand that this is supposed to be a Republic. That should be simple enough. Just say the pledge of allegiance or look at where the constitution says that it guarantees to the states a Republican form of government. #2 We have to understand what a Republic is and how it is intended to function. Simple understood that one is not to elect an amoral man because he will not serve the law and will serve himself. #3 We have to educate the citizens as to the two above facts. What four basic points to teach. It will take a few times being told for a number of them but a good number will fully understand quickly. #4 We have to convey these understandings to our elected officials so they can act as Representatives of a Republic. #5 We have to demand that the law be obeyed. #6 And if we are going to succeed we are going to have to pray as if it were totally up to God. ( So,What Should We Do?)

Straight Party Ticket

Political parties have, over the years, evolved to become much like corporations in that they seek to benefit themselves.

There is a grass roots group within each political party which is very interested in the issues and as a result this group will work very hard on the party’s platform in order to make a statement as to beliefs and purposes. These platforms are pretty good gauges as to the grass-roots movement of the party and shows the direction that the party is moving.

When it comes down to the rank and file members of a party, they generally do not hold to the party’s platform and are very interested in keeping the status-quo of the party organization. This is the group that presses the idea that to vote a straight party ticket is the duty of every member of the party.

In a Republic, the guide for the voter to use, as a primary point of decision, is that he wants to find the man with the best morals and therefore the strongest backbone. But if men are persuaded to vote for the man who represents any given party simply on the basis of the party he belongs to, not only does the proper selection process of a Republic go out the window, but (possibly worse) along with the straight party ticket goes the idea that ‘if he is of my party he can do no wrong’ or at least the one under question will not be opposed in what he is doing. This is a partial explanation of why, even though we elect new people and even change the parties which are in control, we have no real change in the direction we are going but only a change in how fast we are going in that direction because parties will not ‘police’ their own people. The political parties have become social parties where social etiquette dictates what is expected so as to keep everyone smiling. The result is that the turn-coats or traitors are backed by their party when they should be removed by their party.

Many times one finds that, after all due diligence is taken, all the right candidates are from the same party. This is not uncommon in a polarized society.

To vote straight party ticket as a matter of standard procedure is to put the party above faith and country. What results can come from such an idea, other than disaster?

Does Your Vote Really Matter

In today’s manipulated world many people do not feel that their vote really matters. But in the last few months we have seen some actions and reactions which have shown just how outrageously important the electorate’s vote is.

The #1 issue for this election, from the beginning, has been the economy. If the socialists could get the economy to look good they could possibly win the election. As the people would not believe that there is something wrong with the direction the socialists are taking us.

There are ways to make an economy look good and there are ways to make an economy do well for a short period of time. We have seen times in the past when the economy has been manipulated but not as drastically as it has been this time. I will give a couple of examples from the not too distant past.

In the 1980’s the Hunt brothers understood inflation and the silver market and they invested in the silver market, not just passively or just aggressively but to the point that they and their friends and associates controlled the silver market. It was said that they ‘cornered’ the silver market.

The Hunts were not just conservative but very supportive of right-wing causes and candidates. Enter Armor Hammer, a Russian agent (he bought and sold for the Russians) who stepped into the silver market with a lot of financial backing and shorted the silver market, breaking the silver market and many of the conservatives who were in the market. The Hunts had to sell their vast holdings of land and businesses.

Then during the Reagan administration there was a massive correction in the economy which was the result of historic inflation which caused the voters of California to pass Proposition 13 which basically said “We the people will not put up with inflation and we hereby restrict the increased size of government in order to control inflation”. The massive correction in the economy which followed would have been a depression but those in control of the economy took one industry at a time and crashed it to historic losses and then they moved to the next industry and did the same thing with it and on through a good part of the economy. All during this episode the news media kept quoting different ones as saying “We hope this does not spread to other industries or we will have a depression.” It didn’t spread (because they had such control of the economy) and they were able to play out the “disguised depression” one industry at a time. They even had to invent a new term to describe what was going on. They called it “Dis-inflation”. But of course it was portrayed to the public as having been a natural course of things and not controlled at all.

On the morning of the Iowa caucus I was headed out to the farm to do chores and turned on the radio to get the slant which the news media was putting on the events taking place and about to take place. The stock market had been having fits going up 2-3 hundred one day and down a few days later a similar amount. It was enough to set any half-wit ill at ease. Greece had been in the news, along with a number of what they called PIGS (Portugal, Italy, Greece, and Spain) as they are bankrupt but haven’t declared so yet. But on this morning of the Iowa caucus the news media declared that the stock markets all around the world and including our own had been up 2-4 % because the problems in Greece had been solved. Along with this bit of news there was a bunch of other misinformation about the economy which, as a whole, said that the economy was in excellent shape.

Go to this site to see a chart of the Dow Jones Averages for the time period that is being talked about from Jan 3, 2012 the date of the Iowa Caucus, and Mar 6, 2012 especially: or any other such charts.

Now several months later we can see that Greece was not OK nor any other part of the economy. But we no longer have the extreme ups and downs of the stock market and the stock market has kept moving up. The part of the news this last month that I would like to bring to your attention is involves the bank started by the #1 man who was the main participant in the secret meetings on Jekyll Island to bring about the Federal Reserve so as to control the economy of the United States. That man was JP Morgan the founder of JP Morgan Chase Bank which is in the news because of the losses they sustained in world-wide trading out of the branch in England to the tune of 4-5 Billion Dollars somewhere around the time of the contrived manipulation of the markets before the Iowa Caucus.

The first announced winner of the Iowa Caucus was Romney, then Santorum, there are those who believe that Ron Paul was the winner of the Iowa Caucus. Ron Paul is the man that has been heading up the move to audit the Federal Reserve and therefore would be throwing an exposing light on JP Morgan.

The 4-5 billion is only a tip of the iceberg because some of the trades would have to have made big bucks as they knew what direction the markets where going to go. So, yes, they went to all this trouble and a great deal more just to influence your vote.

How much is your vote worth? When it comes to the freedom of your family and that of your children’s families, what is your vote worth to you?

A Republic-Democracy?

While doing some research, I came across a website which was touted as a Democracy – Republic web site.  Interestingly, the name of the blog was Left Blog at  The point is that on this liberal blog they had a survey as to what their readers think the form of government for this country is – a Republic, Democracy or Democracy/Republic.  They had thousands who answered the survey of which 60% said Republic, 9% said Democracy, and 31% said both Republic and Democracy.  Leave it to a liberal site to confuse a simple issue.

What an interesting survey!  It shows that even the liberal understand that this country is supposed to be a Republic.  The problem is in the understanding of the two systems and how opposed they are to one another.  Also the liberals can’t seem to grasp the concept of a Republic  having elected officials and not being any part of a Democracy.

Our job is to forge the understanding that a Republic is a form of government where “The Law” reigns supreme.  Our (USA) Republic was set up under “The Law” of the Constitution with a Bill of Rights which states that the people were given rights (stated as inalienable rights –  rights given by God to all men and for which  no-one has any right to infringe upon for any reason).  “The Law” (the Constitution) sets up a ‘checks and balances’ system so that the people can elect officials to represent them.  These officials can only work within a set frame of laws which protect the “inalienable rights” of men.

On the other hand, we have the idea of a Democracy which could have a constitution but which would be worth less than the paper it was written on because as soon as the people became so inclined they would vote to change the constitution and go ahead and do as the whim of the day suggested regardless of whose rights were done away with, inalienable or not.

Democracy and Socialism are Siamese Twins

web_thumbnail.jpgHow can it be that a political system is not only related to but directly connected to a political-financial system? It is much the same as Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde who were not only related but one and the same person.  Democracy is the soft spoken, well-dressed side of this joined pair who prepares the way for the controlling, bully, Socialism which takes over industry in the name of the people (Democracy).

As we have seen in previous articles, a Democracy requires amoral men for its Representatives because a moral man will not give the majority what they want if it goes against morals.  So a Democracy moves towards Socialism because the majority have demonstrated by their election of amoral men, that they stand for Democratic ideas which do not safeguard individual rights as opposed to the rule of law in a Republic.  As a result the elected officials have no problems taking from the few to give to the many as that buys more votes.  And after all isn’t it the elected officials duty in a Democracy to do as the majority wants?

As a result Mr. Democracy prepares the way and promotes his Siamese twin, Mr. Socialism.  Eventually Mr. Socialism the controlling bully takes control and sits on Mr. Democracy while installing someone else in control who is more directly supportive of Mr. Socialism.

It’s Back to Basics

One looks at the world around and sees such turmoil and confusion.  Those people and organizations we had put our trust in are falling by the wayside or are in great confusion.  Corporations which have been like Uncle Joe or even like Uncle Sam are in deep financial trouble .  Friends and neighbors are having trouble keeping their jobs, homes, cars, family, even the dog and cat.

To some, these events have been expected for quite some time because “a house built on sand cannot stand.”  To most, it is distressing even though they may have expected it.  Many assumed that since the Reagan administration was able to avert a depression during the 80’s with “disinflation,” the same thing could be done today and that it would only take a little time of pain to straighten things out.  But today we have a different scene with different people and a different agenda.

Most organizations and most people go through stages and cycles.  There are few who can chart a course and follow it at all times.  The majority have to re-affirm their position and correct direction every so often, not just as individuals or companies but also as families and societies and nations.

An outside ( the individual) source of the changes that have come about are movies, so called ‘news programs’ and TV programming even more now than in times past.  There is a saying “You are what you eat.”  and another, which was used by a video rental company and an internet provider, “You are what you see.”  Some people can watch a movie and get up and walk out when it starts to offend but most of us will not walk away to demand our money back.  More to the base of the problem is that men today do not oppose the wrong they see.  If one watches a movie in which the characters perform wrongful acts and one does not note the wrong and actively oppose it in his own being then he becomes a part of that wrongful act to the point that his character is compromised.   The point being that people do not think critically any-more and as a result they are easily controlled and individuals become weak minded.

The family is the true building block of society.  The family that has love and solidarity of feelings can transfer those ideals to society and that society can then build a strong nation.  If the family is not strong then society will be weak and, of course, if the society is weak so will be the nation.  What makes the family strong is individuals strong in faith and morals.  As long as the family or the individual is allowed to weaken himself by improperly watching wrong programming then that individual and family will be weakened, society will follow and the nation will be destroyed.

We as a nation have lost our way because we no longer practice our faith and raise our families accordingly.  When we return to those practices, then and only then can we correct the problems of our Republic and restore the Nation.  Until then it is imperative that we find the moral men among us to serve as our Representatives of the Republic to hold the line.

Don’t Curse the Darkness Simply Flip the Switch.

When a car runs out of gas it becomes pretty useless but all it takes to get it back on the road is to put gas in the tank.  You might say the vulnerable part of a car is its need for gas.  The term Achilles Heel comes from the Greek Myth The Illiad and tells the story of Thetis, the sea-goddess who made Achilles invulnerable except for his heel which she kept vulnerable so that she could control him.  The Achilles Heel of a car is its need for gas.  If one doesn’t understand this simple fact he might abandon the car when it ran out of gas thinking it was a useless piece of junk.

If men have turned their backs on a Republic because of its Achilles Heel or its vulnerable spot (which is  its citizens’ need to understand that it is their duty to seek the most moral of men to be their statesmen) then they will bring about a Democracy.

If, or when, those believing in a Democracy take over a Republic the Achilles Heel of that Democracy is the understanding that this is a Republic and that it is their duty to do what is right.  At this point they become Representatives of a Republic even though they may not realize it.  They may not be very good representatives of a Republic because of their misunderstanding of the issues involved but never the less they have changed their allegiance and are likely to change their vote on the issues.

Like the car only needing gas, a Republic only needs its citizens and especially its elected officials to realize that they need to do what is right and elect the moral man or vote for the moral position.

This country is in such peril that practically all men can see it.  And it is not in that peril because of the reasons given by the news media but rather because over a period of time the switches have been flipped in men’s minds and we are in the darkness of ignorance.  All it takes is to start flipping the switches of understanding and the lights will go back on and if done in time our Republic can be restored.

Republican Party – Democratic Party

Historically the Republican Party and Democratic Party came into existence long after the forming of the USA and although some of the founders of the Republican and Democratic Parties may have had interest in carrying forward the ideals of the political systems their names seem to represent, neither one of the parties really stand for their namesake.  Although each of the parties do more represent the ideal of that form of government than does the other.

Our founding forefathers understood and were in control enough to see to it that our newly formed country was a Republic and not only that but saw to it that provisions were made to safeguard the constitution so as to protect it against the eventual attacks of those who would work to change our Republic to a Democracy.  It took about two generations before anyone would have the guts to stand against the Republic and suggest a Democracy or even confuse the issue by using the name as the name of a political party.  But first they used the name as Democratic Republican Party.  Then in 1840 they named a political party as the Democratic Party.  It is pretty clear that there was a group wanting to undermine the Republic with Democratic principles and that they had to move slowly so as not to arouse their enemies, the patriots of the Republic.

When Benjamin Franklin was ask what form of government they had come up with for our country Benjamin Franklin said “A Republic if you can keep it.”  He didn’t say “If we can keep it.”  Which indicates he, Benjamin Franklin, was for something else which he would work for. He then later went to France and was involved in the the French Revolution that established a “Reign of Terror” which didn’t end until after seven nuns were guillotined for their faith.  The French Revolution was the prototype or blueprint used for the Bolshevik Revolution in Russia to establish communism.

Mr. Republic (our ideal Representative of a Republic) would never go against the Constitution because it is the law of the land and in order for a Republic to properly function, it has to function by law.   Standard procedure makes the world go round and the law is the standard procedure of a Republic.

Mr. Democracy (our ideal Representative of a Democracy), since he is ideal, also considers the law of the land and works to be the ideal public servant but due to the flaw in his understanding he puts very little value on knowing and understanding the Constitution and pays way more attention to public opinion polls.  He is dismayed with his colleagues as they are not all that worried about the law as represented by the Constitution and Mr. Democracy’s colleagues figure their only limitation is the line, which when stepped over, gets them into trouble.  They work at getting away with what ever will accomplish their goal (that of looking like they are  public servants while serving themselves).

Representatives do not purely stand for either a Republic or a Democracy but claim for the law or popularity on most of the issues.  In today’s political field a high percentage of both the Republicans and the Democrats are Representatives of a Democracy because they have other agendas than that of upholding of the Constitution, the supreme law of the land.

In these latter times of Our Republic so many of the voting public has lost its faith in God and Country and has as its God the Almighty Dollar. They gear everything on its goods and are too busy preparing for another week of work to go to church on Sunday.  So many of the voting public cannot see the religious forest for the trees.  The forest (their eternal happiness) is hidden by their focus on their day to day problems (the trees).  They are so much into the “Me, me, me-Now, now, now” that they don’t see, let alone understand, where they are going or where they are being taken by the political system which is in control of their lives.  These are the people who are electing our representatives and so the representatives are like their electorate and are so tied up with the “Me, me, me,-Now, now, now” that they cannot see or understand their political forest (The Republic).  The elected officials are Representatives of a Democracy mainly because they do not know any better.

With the turmoil we are going into, our elected officials will see more and more unusual things happening which will beg to question them as to what is going on and where we are going.  In those stressed times elected officials will be more receptive to our reaching out to them to show them where Our Republic stands and where we are going if we do not change our course.

Remember all it takes to change where an elected official stands, is for him to understand that it is his duty to do what is right, thereby taking a moral stand.  By that understanding he becomes a Representative of a Republic.  He may not be very good or effective because of his lack of understanding the issues but he has changed his position and, there in, is the hope of this country.

Use the tools at your disposal to educate all men and especially the elected officials that it is their duty to uphold the laws.  Then we can go to work to restore the damage which has been done to Our Republic.

The Conservative Winds of Change are Blowing

This country sits on the brink of a new era.  The errors of democratic thought have brought us to a time when social laws are flaunted, God given laws are despised and those who take His laws seriously are hated.  The errors of democracy have been taken up by the American family and have divided it.  There are very few families where the father is the head of the family and as a result everything is in a flux with most-everyone in the family trying to take control.  The young people raised in such an anarchy, as a rule, either abhor authority or realize its importance and crave it.  From this background come the many revolutionaries who are so very disruptive to society.  This group of people is in control of the direction of things at this time.  Those who abhor authority can flop to craving authority, which is one reason that Democracies give way to Dictatorships.  These persons can also, with simple education, realize the problems resultant of a lack of authority and embrace the Republic (a form of government controlled by law).

The solution to any problem is in the understanding of what the problem is and only then can one have the hope of correcting that problem.  The disorder of our families has led to the disorder of our nation.  We need to change the direction of this country.  We can see from history (plus logic tells us) that a decadent society will not stand but crumble until a new force takes it over, usually through war.  In recent history we have seen sick societies continue to survive because other nations have protected and supported them.  But that era is coming to an end as democratic ideals have led us to such a weak position that we ourselves will have a hard time surviving, let alone supporting, other countries.  Already the forces of democratic ideals are leading us into the final stages of a failing Republic by turning us into a Socialist State which will lead to a Totalitarian State.

The winds of change start as an unperceived light wind and as the movement gains force it becomes more and more noticeable until it is such a force that it will restore the Republic.  The winds of decadence are more easily stopped because God has given every man an upward reach.  But the winds of righteous change are unstoppable not only because they have the Almighty behind them but because those who are part of it know they are right and those who oppose know down deep in their heart that they are wrong.

The silent majority has been silent too long.  One of the results of democratic ideals is that statesmen become politicians. No one, of any value, wants to be a politician.  Politicians are considered the low of the low life.  But one doesn’t have to be a politician to run for office.  One can and should be statesman.  The difference is in serving the law rather than serving oneself.

Our nation was founded on the principals of law; a Republic, with safeguards to protect it from the forces which would destroy it by changing it to a Democracy.  The time is late but that lateness in itself lets us see clearly what is before us.

Already we have seen the wind of change even though the news media has tried to hide it.  We have seen it in our friends and neighbors and heard the wind picking up force by the volume of the crowd talking about the problems and some of the solutions.

All that is needed is more understanding to bring about a stronger wind of change.  It is our hope that this and our related web site ( can bring about an understanding that will take US back to The Republic.  Your voice can be added to the volume of the wind of change by helping spread the knowledge of the difference between a Republic and a Democracy.  This simple understanding brings about a difference in the way people think and vote.  Once the populace knows its duty in electing the moral man, we are on the road to recovery.  Remember, a Democracy has to have amoral men in order to continue and if a moral man is elected and realizes it is his duty to do what is right, then that man will be a Representative of a Republic.  The man that has been elected as a Representative of a Democracy and believes it his duty to do as the majority wants, regardless of right or wrong, and then realizes that it is his duty to do what is right, that Representative of a Democracy becomes a Representative of a Republic.

The flier What Democracy? seems to be a good introductory article to which most people are receptive.  Copies can be emailed, faxed, handed out and mailed to friends and associates.  The associate web site “” has links where pdf, jpig, and text copies can be downloaded to send.  They have copyrights on them but as long as they are sent in tact, you are welcome to use them.  The web site also has educational materials including a video on types of government.

The moral majority needs to vote for the moral man. Then kneel down to pray and watch the winds of change blow.