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Out of the Depths of Sorrow

One usually thinks of the early immigrants to North America as being those who came to this country as fortune hunters but that phase of the immigration to this country came after it had proven to be the land of the free and home of the brave. Even then the immigrants were sorrowful to be […]

History’s Lessons

With almost 2000 years of recorded history, our forefathers had a great deal to learn from history. Plus they had a pretty clean slate to start with and as a result they could do whatever they needed to establish this new country. The people had made it clear that they were free and that is […]

Why We Are a Republic, Not a Democracy

PoliticsCommentary Taken from the Daily Signal a publication of The Heritage Foundation Why We Are a Republic, Not a Democracy Walter E. Williams / January 17, 2018 / comments The Founding Fathers designed a system that places heavy checks on the power of the majority. Commentary By Walter E. Williams Walter E. Williams is […]

Los Vegas Terror Attack- An Attack on the Republic

The main point of this blog “What Democracy” is that this country is suppose to be a Republic and that the people as a rule believe this is suppose to be a Democracy so they elected officials who act and react like a Democracy. The way you control a Democracy is through extreme events. Like […]

Heading for a Dictatorship

Previously we have shown, in this blog (, that this nation is founded on the ideals of a Republic which is a form of government based on law. (see also After years of undermining the citizens’ understanding of the ideals of a Republic, and as the result of no serious efforts to keep the […]

Straight Party Ticket

Political parties have, over the years, evolved to become much like corporations in that they seek to benefit themselves. There is a grass roots group within each political party which is very interested in the issues and as a result this group will work very hard on the party’s platform in order to make a […]