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Mafia Governments

Mafia Governments A Misunderstood Fact about Communism Why is it That Most Totalitarian Governments are Communist ? Forms of government can range from a Constitutional Republic which can guarantee freedom to its people to a totalitarian government which takes all the freedoms from the people and holds them totally to the state. North Korea’s dictatorship […]

Resolution to Stop The Obama Administration From Becoming a Dictatorship

Submitted by Richard L. Cure -Precinct 1002 Background info. from Whereas, The Obama Administration has by-passed Congress and acted without due process of the law as evidenced by the actions listed below: a. Bypassed Congress and instructed the EPA to advance Cap-n-Trade (carbon tax). (source #1) b. Made four Executive Appointments while the Senate […]

Does Your Vote Really Matter

In today’s manipulated world many people do not feel that their vote really matters. But in the last few months we have seen some actions and reactions which have shown just how outrageously important the electorate’s vote is. The #1 issue for this election, from the beginning, has been the economy. If the socialists could […]

A Republic-Democracy?

While doing some research, I came across a website which was touted as a Democracy – Republic web site.  Interestingly, the name of the blog was Left Blog at  The point is that on this liberal blog they had a survey as to what their readers think the form of government for this country […]

Democracy and Socialism are Siamese Twins

How can it be that a political system is not only related to but directly connected to a political-financial system? It is much the same as Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde who were not only related but one and the same person.  Democracy is the soft spoken, well-dressed side of this joined pair who prepares […]

It’s Back to Basics

One looks at the world around and sees such turmoil and confusion.  Those people and organizations we had put our trust in are falling by the wayside or are in great confusion.  Corporations which have been like Uncle Joe or even like Uncle Sam are in deep financial trouble .  Friends and neighbors are having […]

Don’t Curse the Darkness Simply Flip the Switch.

When a car runs out of gas it becomes pretty useless but all it takes to get it back on the road is to put gas in the tank.  You might say the vulnerable part of a car is its need for gas.  The term Achilles Heel comes from the Greek Myth The Illiad and […]

Republican Party – Democratic Party

Historically the Republican Party and Democratic Party came into existence long after the forming of the USA and although some of the founders of the Republican and Democratic Parties may have had interest in carrying forward the ideals of the political systems their names seem to represent, neither one of the parties really stand for […]

The Conservative Winds of Change are Blowing

This country sits on the brink of a new era.  The errors of democratic thought have brought us to a time when social laws are flaunted, God given laws are despised and those who take His laws seriously are hated.  The errors of democracy have been taken up by the American family and have divided […]

So, What Should We Do?

The first step to any solution is to understand the problem.  Study the issue and become comfortable with it.  At our web site,, there are some books listed which can give you and some friends a good grasp of the issue.  Also there is a video from YouTube which is real relivent to the […]